We offer you a complete service in accountancy: we are able to make your accountancy in your mother language but also in the language of the respective administration.

Your accountancy can be made either complete by ourselves or in collaboration with you. This may also happen via the Net.
Tax consultancy
We look after your tax file, create your tax- and value-added tax return and we defend your file over the administrations. If you have a project, we will create the projection and the simulation.

Thanks to our partner offices in Germany, France and Luxembourg we are able to analyze your tax situation also cross-border.
Corporate consulting and training
We offer you a consultation specially tailored to your company or different trainings in accountancy, tax legislation, social legislation or indistrual management.

Therefor we have an office which is quite suitable for it. At regular gaps, we invite concerned customer groups to information meetings.
Payroll accounting

For your employees you have to handle with many complexes official formalities. Our service reach from the issue of the contract of employment or other documents for the social insurance (payslip, certificate of vacation days ...) to payroll accounting and payroll management. We also take care of your business registration and your quarterly declarations and payments to the National Social Security Office.